How to Update Drivers

It is not necessary that you need to update your computer drivers. However, sometime there’s a good reason for you to update drivers especially if you are gamers where you need to keep your graphics drivers up-to-date to ensure the best graphics performance. You might need to get the latest driver version if you has problems with existing driver.

When you update your drivers, make sure you update correct driver with correct version. The driver update process is pretty simple. A few ways that you can choose to update your computer drivers:

Update Driver through Windows
You can update your driver through by open up Device Manager of Windows, right-click on the device you want to update and choose Update Driver.

Update Driver through Manufacturer Website
You could download drivers from the manufacturer’s website such as NVidia or AMD and run the driver installer like any other computer program. You could also read up changes and enhancements of each version of driver there.

Update through Driver Update Software
If you are unsure of how to update driver manually by yourself, you could get help from some driver update software such as Driver Easy. Normally these driver update softwares can help to auto detect missing or outdated drivers in your computer. It could updates all drivers in one go and save much of your time to manually find and update driver one by one.


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